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SC Sate Patch $5.00 each

Basic, Advanced EMT and Paramedic

Effective July 1st, 2021: No paper applications will be accepted for any credentials provided by South Carolina EMS (EMTs, Drivers, Athletic Trainers, Agency License):

Except for individuals who are state-only certified EMTs

Applicants must have an account on the South Carolina Credentialing & Licensure Portal 
For help: 803-545-4204 or 803-545-0550

McLeod Regional Medical Center Emergency Dept - RELOCATING MON, JUNE 28

New Software System in Use

ImageTrend Software Suite

License Management - EMS Services and Providers
Elite - ePCRs
Hospital HUB - For use by In Hospital Personnel

ODMAP Info for EMS

SC goes to NEMSIS ver 3.4 July 1, 2021

Reach your ImageTrend Elite, License Management or Hospital Hub login pages here:

Who to Call

To locate SC Bureau of EMS inspectors and other personnel, see this linked document: Click Here

South Carolina

Bureau of EMS News

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